Books 09

01. The Beacon by Susan Hill
02. The Diary of a Nobody by George & Weedon Grossmith (unabridged audio)
03. Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen
04. Little Eyolf by Henrik Ibsen
05. Bedlam: London and its Mad by Catharine Arnold
06. Keynotes and Discords by George Egerton
07. The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
08. The First Person and Other Stories by Ali Smith
09. The Yellow Wallpaper and Selected Writings by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
10. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy
11. I Think There’s Something Wrong With Me by Nigel Smith
12. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard
13. The Nether World by George Gissing
14. A Child of the Jago by Arthur Morrison
15. The People of the Abyss by Jack London
16. The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft by Claire Tomalin
17. Arthur Morrison by Stan Newens


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