Posted by: Kirsty | April 22, 2009

Quote of the Day

At the end of last year, the good people of Faber and Faber sent me a beautiful 2009 diary, which I have been using religiously ever since. I would be lost without it.

Throughout the diary are lots of pictures of original book covers, poems, and quotations from Faber books. This week’s quotation is from Alan Bennett’s collection Untold Stories. I just had to share:

2 January. I am sent a complimentary copy of Waterstone’s Literary Diary which records the birthdays of  various contemporary figures from the world of letters. Here is Dennis Potter on 17 May, Michael Frayn on 8 September, Edna O’Brien on 15 December, and so naturally I turn to my own birthday. May 9 is blank except for the note: ‘The first British self-service laundrette is opened on Queensway, London 1949.’



  1. Ha! That’s a brilliant quote.

    I use the very same diary, although the lovely folks at Faber didn’t send me one (sniff) I bought it. Gorgeous diary innit?

  2. It really is. I love it.

  3. Alan Bennett is Eeyore! Must get one of those diaries next year.

  4. What a great quote! I loved it! Oh, and I loved the diary – must definitely get one for next year.


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