Posted by: Kirsty | March 30, 2009

Reading can reduce stress – good!

Have just spotted this on Cornflower’s book blog:

From the findings of a Sussex University study on reading:
 “Reading is the best way to relax….[working] better and faster than other methods to calm nerves…” Both the concentration required and the distraction “of being taken into a literary world eases the tensions in muscles and the heart”, and as little as six minutes of this can do the trick, apparently.

Excellent. Let’s start asking the NHS to prescribe free books, or at least a library membership. 🙂

Cornflower’s post here. Original article here.



  1. I suspect it rather depends on the book. I can’t imagine H G Wells would work for you, my dear!

  2. Well yes, this is true. But then, I’m never going to read any Herbert out of choice!

  3. Oh I think this is true. Reading is the best therapy I know. Naturally you can’t choose Holocaust testimony as your preferred way to relax, but then again, perhaps someone, somewhere settles down with Wiesel to put their own life into perspective!


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