Posted by: Kirsty | March 20, 2009

Update on the Sunday Express/Dunblane story

Encouraging news reaches me from Graham Linehan’s blog regarding the Sunday Express’s horrid article about the Dunblane survivors. Apparently there will be an apology. However, that doesn’t mean we should let up on them.

From Why That’s Delightful:

Just pick four or five friends or family who you’re pretty sure aren’t hugely up to speed with the interwebs, and send them the link to the petition via e-mail along with an explanation (my original blog post, or anything you think brings the point home). Don’t ask them to send it on…leave that up to them. If it starts to look like a chain letter, it’ll be easier to ignore. The personal touch is what’s needed here, I think.

Spread the word. Let’s make sure Paula Murray and the Sunday Express don’t get away with this.



  1. Ta for providing the link – I’ve just signed the petition. Why is that journalists think people’s lives are fair game? I know certain folk want their life (and death) to be played out in a blaze of publicity, but that’s their choice.

    Let’s hope Paula Murray and Julie Myerson are friends, as they won’t have many others at the rate they’re going.


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