Posted by: Kirsty | February 26, 2009

Thursday Links

Sunday Links comes to you this week on a Thursday. Having changed my essay topic at the 11th hour from Hardy’s poetry to novels about urban degeneration, I am doing some rather frantic reading, hence my radio silence. As I mentioned the other day, I’m also reading King Solomon’s Mines for class, and I was right, it’s definitely not My Thing. In fact, I may be actively disliking it and its colonial horribleness. Still, it’s short. Every cloud, etc.

Elsewhere on the interweb:

Now, as you were. And I’ll try and have something proper to say soon.



  1. About the word magnets–I have a few choice words of my own to contribute; fuck that shit! I thought we were past gender stereotyping! I’m suprised they didn’t include “hooker” and “skank-assed ho” in the girl’s set too!

  2. Hi Kirsty,
    I’ve only just seen your article in The Reader! Did you blog about this? (if so, do post a link for me to follow!) I loved your article… was it commissioned or did you send it to them? I’d love to be featured in The Reader so any tips..!

  3. I always forget to tick the ‘notify me of comments’ box… so that’s why I’m commenting again…

  4. Hey Simon,
    Yes, I did blog about it ages ago back at the old blog. Will hunt out a link for you. The article was commissioned at the beginning of 2008, and was published in the summer 08 issue. I’ve been asked to write another article for them too. Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Thanks Kirsty – and I look forward to your next article there (which I might read on their new online thing… I think The Reader is brilliant, but I can’t afford a subscription)


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