Posted by: Kirsty | February 15, 2009

Sunday Links

  • The Guardian Books Blog on Daniel Deronda.
  • The Consortium of Pub-Going, Loose and Forward Women and their pink pants protest.
  • Helen at Bird of Paradox draws attention to yet more failings of the National ID Card scheme: that trans-gendered people will be required to hold two cards – one in each gender. You can also sign the petition against this here.
  • This “game” is just beyond sick.
  • The British Humanist Society is supporting the ‘London for Secular Europe’ protest today, which is demonstrating against the political privileges of religious institutions. I’m supporting it too.
  • The Oxford Dictionary of English is one of the UK’s most stolen books.


  1. Thank you for linking.

    The petition organisers were aiming for 200 signatures and got 500 in the space of a week, so it’s encouraging that people understand the significance of the dual ID card proposal for TS/TG people.

    The closing date is 6th March and the hope is that the 1000 signatures mark can be reached.

    Although I, like many, have reservations about the practical effectiveness of online petitions generally, the fact is that TS/TG people’s existences are so consistently erased by cis people and we must take whatever opportunity we have to at least make our voices heard by the lawmakers.

    Thanks again for linking.


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