Posted by: Kirsty | February 14, 2009

Courage Campaign

I hold absolutely no truck with Valentine’s Day (commercialized crap, grumble grumble) but I saw this video at Ready When You Are, CB, and had to share it. It’s really very touching indeed – not to mention completely right.

Also: I absolutely love the song. It’s Fidelity by Regina Spektor.



  1. Oh dear, that made me blub. We’re coming up to the first anniversary of our Civil Partnership, and it breaks my heart to even contemplate how I’d feel if our commitment were declared null and void. Surely the world could do with a little more love?

  2. This is absoutely lovely! And yes, totally right.

    Am with you on the Valentine’s palarver too!

  3. I loved this video. Brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing.


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