Posted by: Kirsty | February 13, 2009

Yesterday I was The Birthday Girl. I received lots of lovely books, which of course I will be blogging about in due course. However, my dear friend Catherine very kindly gave me my own domain name: It automatically redirects to this blog too so I don’t even need to do anything!

I’m very excited. Thanks Catherine!



  1. Oooh congratulations on your own domain name! Fab!

  2. Happy Birthday! It was my birthday yesterday as well… I like the fact we share ours with Darwin as I shall be blogging shortly.

  3. Happy birthday Lara! We also share our birthday with Lincoln. How distinguished are we??

  4. Oh a great big happy birthday for yesterday, if only I’d known I could have sung “Kirsty and Charles” and you could have snuck a few of those 200 candles.
    The domain name is a great idea, I have mine and love it. Felt a bit like buying a house after renting one, my own little webspace.

  5. Happy Birthday!


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