Posted by: Kirsty | January 20, 2009

Pub Closures: Why it Matters

Just had to flag up Chris Routledge’s post on CAMRA’s campaign to stop pub closures.

The local pub is a glorious thing. I am lucky enough to live mere feet away from Oxford’s CAMRA Pub of the Year, and I would not be exaggerating to say that 90% of Boyfriend and my social lives revolve around the place, either through sitting at the bar and chatting to the other regulars, or through being with the many friends we have both made because of the place.

As Chris says:

Maybe we are becoming a nation of stay at home drinkers and maybe we want it that way, but in the end this trend will start to feed off itself. The great thing about pubs is their diversity and that’s what is disappearing. Quality won’t win a price war and no doubt the pubs that won’t be shutting down on economic grounds are the ones shifting huge volumes of fizz and alcopops: the very ones the government blames for encouraging antisocial behaviour and street violence. As that happens more people will prefer to drink at home and so more community pubs will close and so the cycle goes on.

You can read the rest of Chris’s post here, and visit CAMRA’s website here.



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