Posted by: Kirsty | January 10, 2009


Alice being her gorgeous furry self.



She’s such a poseur. But beautiful.



  1. My partner is a ‘catographer’ and he does his own version of Caturday every week, I think you’d enjoy it. And also that you should submit your pretty kitty. 😀

    His site is here if you’re interested, even just to see all the other beautiful cats. 😀

  2. Hooray for pretteh kittehs! I shall go and investigate now, thanks Anji! I love the idea of being a ‘catographer’.

  3. What marvellously pointy ears! She must look like Batman from behind. What a fine-looking cat she is.

  4. She does a bit. She has tufts on the tops of her ears, which provide no end of fascination for me. Also, if you look at her from a certain angle, she’s slightly boss-eyed, which is marvellously endearing.


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