Posted by: Kirsty | January 5, 2009


I hate to sound like a bitch and everything, but I just saw this on my daily BookBrunch e-newsletter:

In a deal with Modest! Management and Creative Director Dean Freeman, Hodder Editor Fenella Bates has bought world rights in the autobiography of Leona Lewis. The book will feature more than 100 exclusive, behind-the-scenes photographs by Freeman, whose last book with Hodder was David Beckham’s My World. Publication is scheduled for October, tying in with the release of Lewis’ second album.

Oh God. Does she have to “write” an “autobiography”? And if it’s just a book of photos, then why call it an “autobiography” in the first place? Why not call it “Leona: From the Picture Library” or something? In the current economic climate, do these things still sell?

Scratch my eyes out, etc. Grumble grumble.



  1. It makes me (metaphorically) spit, too. Perhaps it should be called “Leona: a Very Brief Life in Pictures”.

    There are so many talented biographers who have to scratch a living and hold down several jobs, despite the fact they’re actually contributing something to posterity and enhancing our understanding of the world.

    Gosh, it’s draughty up here on the Moral Highground, init?

  2. I have to agree. She’s so young and her life was ordinary before her big win. So she can sing and she’s cute, but ‘autobiography’??!! To my mind it just stops more real writers and their books from being published. Grrr.

  3. I had to google her name to find out who she was. So she is 23, has won a talent show and gets an “autobiography”?

    My impression is they want to cash in on her popularity as quickly as possible, because she may be all but forgotten next year.


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