Posted by: Kirsty | January 4, 2009

Sunday linkage

  • Facebook has been removing photos of babies being breastfed. Alpha Mummy blogs about it.
  • Mary Beard’s excellent blog A Don’s Life may be appearing in book form.
  • Here’s the podcast of the late Harold Pinter in conversation at the British Library.
  • From The F Word: the UK’s Top 10 Feminist Moments of 2008.
  • ReadySteadyBook’s Books of the Year Symposium throws up another batch of books for the wishlist.
  • Lovely Catherine talks about the joys of meeting people online. I’ve made several very good and very real friends online (including Catherine!) and without Friends Reunited I would never got back in touch with the man who is now known in these parts as Boyfriend.
  • I like tattoos, and have two, albeit both small ones. I often think about getting more, and think that if I did I would go for something literary themed. Therefore I enjoy the blog Contrariwise which posts photos of literary/film/music related tatts. But what could be worse that having a tattoo misspelled?


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